Caran d’Ache Blue Lagoon 849™ Set Ballpoint Pen + Mechanical Pencil – Special Edition

Caran d’Ache unveils Blue Lagoon, an exclusive set consisting of an 849™ ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil, both inspired by the pastel colours of a blue lagoon, enhanced by a subtle yet captivating colour gradation.

From frosty grey to polar blue, the Blue Lagoon set draws its magic from the mesmerising beauty of Arctic lagoons, capturing the peacefulness and clarity of their subtle blue waters and inspiring peace of mind.

These two writing instruments complement each other perfectly in their daily use: with its Goliath ink refill producing up to 600 A4 pages of writing, the ballpoint pen offers both robustness and durability. Equipped with an eraser, the mechanical pencil is ideal for producing precise technical drawings.