Caran d’Ache unveils an exclusive collaboration with Northern Irish acclaimed illustrator and writer, Oliver Jeffers. The Luminance 6901TM Creative Set brings together the artist’s favorite tools and colors in a nomadic metal box that can be taken anywhere. As an aficionado of the Luminance 6901TM pencils, Oliver has selected 8 shades from the 100 colors range known for their exceptional lightfastness that guarantee the color to last for up to 100 years, creating a palette where deep tones meet warm hues.

Adding a unique touch, Oliver Jeffers enhanced his selection with a neon pink Maxi pencil and a Graphicolor pencil – with a neon yellow and HB bicolor lead – that invites adding even more vibrancy to your works.

Additionally, the exclusive assortment comes with a QR code offering access to an online course by Oliver Jeffers himself available on Creative Class by Caran d’Ache platform. From his Belfast (UK) workshop, Oliver Jeffers reveals his most precious techniques and guides budding artists step by step in creating a warm campfire scene. This exclusive collaboration with this international artist, will captivate color lovers, whether they are beginners or experts. The Luminance 6901TM Creative Set becomes the ideal 2-in-1 gift that offers Swiss Made Fine Arts instruments and access to an online creative course. Dive into the distinctive and imaginative style of Oliver Jeffers and uncover the capabilities of the Luminance 6901TM.

Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901 Creative Set by Oliver Jeffers Specifications

  • Body Material: Cedar wood pencils, FSCTM certified
  • Includes: 10 products – 8 Luminance 6901TM – 1 Graphicolor two-tone yellow / HB graphite – 1Maxi Fluopencil, pink,ref.491.090
  • 1 online creative workshop on the Creative Class by Caran d’Ache platform with the artist, Oliver Jeffers (see page 5 – free access via a QR code included in the box and a code)
  • Swiss Made
  • Grey Metal Box