Quark Baby – Fruuti

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Baby Fruit Feeder

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Introducing solid foods and soothing your baby can be done simultaneously with Fruuti.

Fruuti is an innovative, intelligently designed baby fruit feeder that is more sanitary and easier to clean. Rotary propulsion technology propels food through the silicone tip with a simple twist of the base so your little one can eat more and waste less.

Getting your baby to eat new foods isn’t rocket science, it just looks like it.

Finding the perfect, yet innovative, pacifier that you can put fruit in doesn’t have to be impossible.

Our baby fruit feeder is designed to make experimenting with new tastes and textures exciting for you and your baby.  Clean loading capability allows for hands-free filling so you can keep your tips sterile, and the ergonomic handle makes it great for tactile sensory development and gross motor skills.

  • Twist to eject design
  • Safely introduce new foods
  • Includes 3 silicone tips