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Sensory Teething Toy for Babies

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Explore colours, textures and sound with this unique, fun-to-hold and safe-to-chew sensory teether ball. This ultimate baby teether is made from food-grade materials and designed to be your baby’s new favourite “thingy”.

Your baby is exploring the world through its senses and developing its understanding every day.

Sure, there are some tricky parts to navigate, and teething will lead to a few tears along the way, but at least there’s a fun toy to soothe the pain!

Thiingy will quickly become your child’s favourite plaything, with its soft pliable loops providing relief for the gums, the stunning colours instantly capturing the imagination, and the mesmerizing loop design holding the attention for hours on end.

It’s a teething, sensory toy that’s not only designed to keep baby happy!

Thiingy is freezer safe and it’s maze of flexible liquid silicone rings are designed to help teething babies soothe their sore gums. Unlike other sensory teethers, Thiingy is also dishwasher safe and compatible with high-temperature steam sterilization.

Unique textured rings and an integrated soft rattle stimulate your baby’s visual, tactile and auditory senses from day one. It’s the perfect toy to engage your baby while offering them the relief they need.