The new LEATHER LINE convinces with finest Italian leather in a classical look. It captivates with the ideal combination of leather and aluminium within one product and joins the advantage of both materials in a perfect way “Luxury meets Security”. The LEATHER LINE presents the High-End line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.

Available in many different styles and colors and 5 models

By coating the aluminium surface with leather the advantages of protective functionality remain and the patented wallets protects cards from:

Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-scanning)
Demagnetisation (electromagnetic radiation)
Outside influences like splash water, sand, snow or mechanical load

It is so flat and handy to fit any pocket size and you can hang it easily around your neck – thanks to the integrated neckband holder.

It is suitable for all types of cards, like business cards, credit cards, ID cards and the credit card format driver’s licenses.

Dimensions: 104 x 67 x 17 mm  / 4,09 x 2,64 x 0,67 inch
Weight: 44 g